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The only Correlation, Visualization and Analytics Platform that:
  • Auto-discovers multi-vendor and multi-domain physical, virtual and logical entities
  • Delivers single-pane-of-glass view across data centers and hybrid cloud
  • Correlates between business, application and infrastructure entities
  • Supports virtualization and container technologies: OpenStack, SDN, NFV, Docker
  • Enables open APIs to integrate with ITOA ecosystem tools
  • Leverages Big Data technologies and machine learning for analytics leading to AI

What Customers and Analysts Are Saying About Meridian

FixStream is doing justice to the entirety of the IT stack ultimately from application and business perspective.
– Gartner

FixStream’s Meridian not only addresses many of the critical requirements surrounding the optimization of cloud and hybrid environments—its compelling design does so in a way that capitalizes on some of the more advanced, innovative, and cloud-relevant technology trends that EMA has witnessed to date. Meridian can help to render the fragmented management of cloud infrastructures a thing of the past.
– EMA Vendor to Watch: FixStream

I’ve not seen another operations platform with this breadth of visibility across all domains.
– VP Operations, Global Digital Services Company

There is an increasing need for enterprise workload monitoring (EWM) tools…that can see beyond the boundaries of the data center. These tools should track applications and services, and support
workload dependency mapping across public and private infrastructures, and they should expose (and visualize) end-to-end workloads and workflows in near real time. (FixStream Named as Representative Vendor)
– Gartner

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