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The only correlation, visualization and analytics platform that delivers a
single-pane of-glass view across data center and hybrid cloud environments.
With Meridian, you have the visibility to reduce MTTR from hours to minutes,
plan and deliver seamless migrations and instantly produce complex
compliance and other asset-based reports.
Powerful Insights with Every Click.
Turn on the Lights to Your
Oracle E-Business Suite Platform

Meridian provides the visibility you can't get anywhere else:

‌• The health of all data centers in one view
‌• Auto-discovery of all ERP components
‌• Application flows
‌• Topology
‌• Visibility into application services,
transactions and infrastructure

‌•  Meridian is an ITOA platform that auto-detects application and network components
to produce inventory views, application flows, virtual, physical and logical topology maps
and Rapid Root Cause Analysis in hybrid cloud and IT environment.
‌•  Meridian produces unmatched visibility from a converged view of the overall health of
multi-vendor data center and cloud environments to the entire application stack–correlating
end-user transactions to application services–all the way to infrastructure entities.
• Meridian connects with ITOA ecosystem tools and overlays operational analytics
such as faults, alerts, logs and tickets.
Powerful Insights with Every Click.

Know What's Wrong with Your Oracle E-Business Suite

Before You Even
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Turn on the Lights to
Your Oracle E-Busines Suite Platform

Let's face it, it's time to come out of
the dark ages on the system that
runs your mission-critical apps:

‌• Dramatically reduce MTTR
‌• Deliver seamless migrations
‌• Automate compliance reporting

Tired of All Those Promises of a
Clear View in Your Data Centers?
You Can Have That View Now. We Promise.
Meridian delivers on a promise of a
single pane of glass view that's so clear
it reduces even the toughest root cause
analysis to just a few clicks.
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