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Meridian Reduces MTTR nearly 500%

Source: EMA 

Download Report: Meridian Platform Reduces MTTR 2.5 Hours to 38

Download EMA Research:FixStream Empowers Operational Transformation at a Global Digital Services Company

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) released a research report including an interview with a VP of Security and Shared Services for a global digital services enterprise, who revealed that FixStream Meridian has helped his team reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR). Here are the numbers:
MTTR reduced to minutes from hours with Meridian’s Rapid Root Cause Analysis™
$500K estimated annual savings with resource optimization and transition to single management tool
$60K-$75K estimated annual savings from using dynamic inventory views for compliance and financial reporting
“Our EVP comes out of his office, shows potential customers a map of the world and our topology, and does a little drill-down showing global service performance details in real-time on the FixStream screen. And they walk away feeling even more positive about taking their business to us. FixStream Meridian is a confidence builder.”

¹FixStream Empowers Operational Transformation at a Global Digital Services Company, 2016, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA),


My sales team is experiencing issues with CRM on the West Coast.  What are the critical server and database alerts and faults in the India data center?

View the Meridian Event Center which shows a global view of all alerts and faults by priority. You can filter by location, vendor and application service type. In this case you can filter on the New York data center and the CRM service to see what faults are in the relevant application services and physical and virtual infrastructure resources.

Can I see performance over time for my SQL servers?  I know I have plenty of web capacity but not sure about back-end database.

Use Meridian Performance Monitoring to drill down specifically on SQL server metrics over the last few weeks. You can also drill down on any other application and infrastructure service type.

What are the location, vendor and version details for all my physical and virtual switches? I have a meeting with my compliance team and they are expecting this information.

Use Inventory Device View to get a list of all switches or any other type of infrastructure resource by including servers, storage and network services like load balancers and firewalls.

I need to see the active forwarding paths inside my credit check business application? The app guys are telling me there are issues inside the virtual infrastructure.

Meridian uses Flow2Path™ to dynamically calculate and display the paths of communication between application services inside each group for rapid root cause analysis. You can see virtual overlays, physical underlays, Layer 2 to Layer 3 transitions and NAT’ing through load balancers and firewalls.

Virtual overlays to underlay, Layer 2 to Layer 3 transitions and NAT’ing inside firewalls and load balancers is complicated. Meridian has the detailed syntax to calculate precise paths end-to-end.

Can I see the flows between all my web servers and a particular app server?

You can use Meridian to create integrated application group maps that show flows between database, app server and web servers within each app group so you can clearly see the dependencies.

Why is my server UP but my service DOWN?

Use Meridian’s Integrated Map views to see the status of the application service, VM and physical server together. You may see that the server is up but the VM is down, causing the application to fail.

This is a very common scenario: the server is functioning, but cannot communicate effectively to other application entities through the infrastructure elements. Meridian detects the entities within the application group that are causing the issue.