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Meridian Brings Your
Oracle E-Business Suite
Out of the Dark

Meridian simplifies and streamlines root cause analysis by mapping Oracle EBS business processes to application process flows, mapped to hosts, backend databases and infrastructure entities while providing the data needed for effective management and planning. EBS application maps can be overlaid with operational data such as alerts, faults, logs and tickets – significantly decreasing MTTR.

Meridian for Oracle
E-Business Suite

With Meridian, Your EBS Experience is as Different as Night and Day
Be Proactive and Significantly Reduce MTTR
  • Provides visibility into network, storage and compute layers overlaid with operational data, such as alerts, faults, logs and tickets
  • Alerts when EBS performance falls below pre-determined thresholds
  • Produces correlated views of events – including event history
Full Visibility into EBS
  • Produces true end-to-end application flows
  • Provides visibility into application services
  • Maps EBS services to virtual and physical infrastructure entities