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Optimize IT Resources and
Reduce Infrastructure Cost

Do you need to reduce your IT budget while increasing the number of applications your team needs to support?

Do you know if your IT environment is fully optimized?

Do you know where to start and how to quantify the opportunities?

These are typical challenges most IT Operations organizations deal with daily, challenges that are further complicated by the increasing dynamic nature of IT. Datacenter virtualization, migration of workloads to the cloud, or implementation of a DevOps strategy reduce the overall visibility on the IT environment thus making it more difficult to control.

Therefore, traditional IT management and monitoring strategies cannot work anymore – you need to automate the discovery of your IT assets to make sure they are constantly optimized.

Let’s see how FixStream can help you deliver Real-time IT Optimization

Personalized single-pane-of-glass view to help you manage and optimize your entire environment
Single-pane-of-glass view
  • The operational dashboard provides a fully customized view of the key operational metrics to monitor in real-time
  • To optimize your infrastructure, start by analyzing the CPU, memory and disk utilization of the top N devices
  • The Top N device view by disk pinpoints the storage devices that are at/near capacity and require immediate attention
  • You can also predict when a storage device will run out of capacity
  • The predictive analytics will measure current and planned capacity based on the utilization trend, advising when capacity will run out.
You can quickly determine how to rationalize your environment
Auto-Discovery and Analytics
  • Do we have too many products and versions? Are we out of maintenance? Are we in danger of a security breach?
  • FixStream discovers all application services and infrastructure resources and provides a highly automated way for you to group them based on business or operational priorities
  • You can visualize the hierarchical relationships and dependencies between different attributes in the system.
  • For instance, what platforms and vendors are currently being used to deploy your applications?
  • By selecting Applications, Platforms and Vendor you can immediately visualize the hierarchical graph.
Let’s now analyze the performance of the compute layer, including all physical and virtual devices
Performance Optimization
  • Let’s now analyze the performance of the entire infrastructure, as a whole
  • The performance heat-map provides a detailed and aggregated view of all devices via a composite score based on a weighted view of CPU, memory and disk utilization.
  • If we select the 30th percentile tile, it will display all devices which score is in that range.
  • If we drag the memory cursor to 100%, you can see that several devices are at 100% utilization and need immediate attention
vCenter allows you to optimize your virtualized environment
Virtualized Environment Optimized
  • The vCenter module allows you to monitor and manage Hyper-V nodes, ESX servers, and virtual machines.
  • You can view all the virtual machines available to the host that have been detected, their allocated capacity, and all the data stores accessible by the host
  • vCenter allows you to track usage, distribution, and analytics for virtual machines, identify virtual machines that can be powered off based on performance metrics, and virtual machines for archiving and disk space that can be reclaimed
  • vCenter shows space statistics for all hypervisor disks and data stores. The same applies to memory and CPU utilization.