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Reduce Compliance Risk
& Audit Costs

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, compliance risk management is essential, whether to meet statutory requirements, adhere to best practices in corporate governance, or reduce reputational risk. IT auditors address various aspect of compliance, from financial audit and public company audit requirements to IT internal control validation and audits for businesses seeking to enhance their marketplace credibility.

IT asset compliance and audit processes seek to:

  • Get comprehensive asset information like hardware specification,
    software installed, scan history, asset ownership history, and asset states
  • Track IT asset purchases and contracts
  • Manage IT budgets better
  • Improve lifecycle planning
  • Facilitate better asset use

IT audit and compliance processes are growing in complexity and cost, given the increasingly dynamic nature of today’s IT environments. IT Operations often rely on manual processes to gather the data, consuming significant time and resources. And when the audit is done, the data is already obsolete!

FixStream reduces audit costs, provides real-time insights and reduces the risk of compliance while empowering IT to gain better control of their asset base.

Auto-discovery allow you to visualize the entire infrastructure, automatically
  • You can auto-discover the entire environment in real-time.
  • This includes infrastructure devices (compute, network, storage), application services, and business transactions
  • The auto-discovery will also identify the physical, virtual and logical connections
  • The patented Flow2Path™ technology, will also map individual application flows to the underlying infrastructure.
  • No agents!
Automatically create a detailed inventory of all entities
Detailed inventory
  • The Inventory module allows you to view the details of the devices discovered

  • You can probe into the details through various views such as IP Address View, Device View, Table View and Hide Devices.

  • Inventory views can also be cut by business process, application, role and service, vendor, business group, and many other views.

Visualize dependencies and relationships, from business applications to infrastructure
Rich analytics
  • You can perform data exploration for analysis by hierarchy, composition and many-to-many relationships

  • You can visualize the hierarchical relationships and dependencies between different attributes in the system

  • For instance, what platforms and vendors are currently used to deploy your applications?

  • By selecting Applications, Platforms and Vendor you can immediately visualize the hierarchical graph

  • The analytics module will help answer key questions, such as: Do we need to retire some older versions? Are we out of maintenance? Are we in danger of a security breach?

Real-time auto-discovery and intuitive analytics allow you save $10,000s in audit costs while giving you detailed and current snapshots of your entire environment
Detailed reporting
  • Analytics. The Analytics capability allow you to derive powerful insights into the relationships and dependencies, from applications to infrastructure.

  • You can create tailored reports to record the state at any time you desire.