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Meridian FAQs

Q: Who is the primary audience for Meridian?

A: Meridian users are IT operations and technology savvy business leaders wanting to decrease MTTR, deliver seamless migrations or automate compliance and other asset-based reporting. Meridian produces unmatched visibility from a converged view of the overall health of multi-vendor data center and cloud environments – into the entire application stack – correlating end-user transactions to services, all the way to infrastructure entities, so anyone in IT ops, applications, infrastructure, storage, database admin or networking will benefit from the end-to-end visibility Meridian provides.


Q: Does Meridian compete with existing operations tools like application and network performance monitoring (APM, NPM)?

A: In many cases, Meridian works with existing tools. APM users can now see the precise path of communication between applications through every layer of the infrastructure. NPM users gain business contextual perspective by seeing how each business application is distributed across the infrastructure and conversely, which applications are supported by each individual infrastructure resource.


Q: What problems does Meridian solve for IT and business leaders?

A: Meridian provides converged and dynamic visibility of the overall health of data center and application environments. Meridian also provides the visibility to plan and deliver seamless migrations and to complete compliance and other asset-based inquires with just a few clicks. Meridian can also help answer strategic questions, such as reducing operations cost, increasing efficiency and what if scenarios for scale.


Q: What problems does Meridian solve for IT practitioners?

A: Meridian gives practitioners a way to quickly isolate performance and fault related issues starting from a higher business process or application perspective and drilling down into layers of the infrastructure. This can be accomplished in seconds, with just a few clicks, often reducing MTTR from hours or days to minutes.


Q: How does Meridian impact the way IT teams work together across functions?

A: Meridian encourages collaboration by providing teams with a common view of how applications and infrastructure are functioning together. This capability is provided with Meridian’s integrated maps of applications and infrastructure.


Q: How does Meridian map the relationship between my application and infrastructure assets?

A: Meridian gathers data from across a wide range of application and infrastructure resources — basically every major compute, network, storage and application entity in the data center — and correlates all of it together to show the association between applications and infrastructure assets. Meridian is agentless and auto-detects entities without the need for operator input.


Q: How does Meridian fit into the broader IT management ecosystem?

A: FixStream most closely aligns with the new and very rapidly evolving field of IT Operational Analytics. It also provides elements of Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping and is complimentary to traditional Application Performance Monitoring and Configuration Management fields.


Q: What is the typical return on investment for using advanced IT operational analytics tools?

A: It’s hard to put a price on strategic insight but for reducing current cost analysts predict from 5 to 15 percent reduction in IT operating costs using the latest operational analytics capabilities. We’ve had customers report reducing MTTR by nearly 500%, and saving on license fees by consolidating and standardizing on the Meridian Platform. Others find savings in productivity from the automation of compliance and other asset-based reports.


Q: Is FixStream a big data company?

A: The Meridian Platform is built around a big data ecosystem which includes real-time streaming, analytics and visualization technology, focused specifically on IT operations and related business challenges.


Q: Does Meridian enable or support hybrid and public cloud deployments?

A: Meridian supports bare metal and virtual environments within each data center and hybrid and public clouds.


Q: Is Meridian delivered as software or as a SaaS model?

A: Meridian is on-premises software to maximize the control and security of our enterprise and service provider customers.


Q: Does Meridian create any overhead or security issues for the data center?

A: The Meridian Platform runs in software and requires no agents or special hardware. Users set the polling interval, which determines the level of overhead. The software and all data is kept inside the data centers – minimizing security concerns.


Q: Does Meridian support software-managed cloud environment ecosystems such as OpenStack?

Yes, Meridian integrates with software managed cloud environment technologies, including OpenStack, SDN Controllers and Juniper Contrail, to discover the virtual compute and network dependencies, on a per tenant, and per tenant application level. Meridian correlates across the virtual and physical network, including VLAN, to tunnel to other VNFs, vRouters, VSoftware and vLBs and correlates them to the application flows and services.


Q: What Open Source technologies does FixStream use?

Meridian uses cutting-edge Open Source technologies such as Kafka, Storm, Elasticsearch, D3 and AngularJS. We are inflight to leverage other technologies, including Spark, Hadoop and Hive.