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3 Click Troubleshooting


Business is a race against time. In the world of IT the challenge is root causing and fixing application performance issues and failures before they create revenue, customer satisfaction and legal issues.  With the shift to more virtual, dynamic and distributed applications root causing issues becomes more challenging.  FixStream


Meridian’s core approach to troubleshooting is to put everything in the context of higher level applications or services so things can be prioritized and resolved based on business impact.  Users can drill down from the highest operational view of an application to the lowest level of detail in as little as three clicks to see a correlated view of faults, alerts, tickets and other critical items.

Meridian Answers

  • Which business processes are at most risk and which applications are causing the problem?
  • What are the flow and specific paths of communication inside my business application?
  • Which of the infrastructure elements inside the flows are having performance or health issues?
  • What transactions and tickets associated with the application?
  • Do I have redundancy built into the application infrastructure?