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Accelerate and De-Risk Migration Projects


Applications and infrastructure are in constant change and in many cases that involves some form of migration to gain economic and agility advantages. Migrations must be aligned with the business cycle, end of quarter, acquisitions, major software license or hardware upgrades.

Migration brings risk to the business and substantial work and stress for IT teams. They also require very detailed and real time knowledge of the dependencies between between business applications the lower level services and the resources prior to moving.

CMDBs are out of date date and months of manual analysis is required to understand what applications are running, how they’re built and what the dependencies are between users, applications, VMs, storage systems, network services.


Meridian provides a number of critical planning capabilities to accelerate and de-risk migrations. The major enabler here is its ability to provide dynamic updates on all the various dependences required to plan each application migration.

Meridian Answers

  • What are all the applications running in the environment?
  • Which higher level business services rely on the lower level applications?
  • What infrastructure resources is each application dependent on?
  • Which VMs are talking to which vSwitches, load balancers, storage devices?
  • Which storage LUNs / partitions are being utilized by each application?
  • Who are the users on the IT side and what VMs and other resources they use and for what processes?With this information in hand the IT team can align logistics, communicate with stakeholders and ensure a smooth process with the move.