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De-Risk Hybrid Cloud

The Challenge

The use of hybrid and public cloud to drive asset light economics and agility is one of the top requirements for every CIO today. Applications that are changing or impacted by rapidly changing digital environments are good candidates for hybrid. But rapid change in turn implies the need to plan and monitor more closely.

Legacy IT Operations tools lack both the ability to handle highly virtual and distributed workloads even within a company’s control domain let alone across hybrid cloud.

IT teams must have an operational capability to reap the gains without creating risk. Key challenges include the following.

  • How to decide which applications are appropriate to move
  • How to de-risk the movement of workloads across physical and control domains
  • How to monitor the performance and utilization of resources across domains
  • How to prevent lack of visibility creating risk to ongoing operation of critical business services

The Solution

Meridian sets the foundational framework/analytics/visibility to extend operational visibility for applications and infrastructure running across hybrid cloud.

It provides critical capabilities for de-risking the choice, movement and ongoing management of applications and workloads running across multiple location and control domains.

Workload targeting– Meridian provides critical awareness around resource utilization associated with different business services thus helping to decide which workloads are well suited for hybrid.

Dependencies – Meridian identifies critical dependencies between the business and it’s associated, infrastructure resources and users on a dynamic basis. This is critical for de-risking the migration of workloads based on lack of understanding about dependencies or human error.

Operations – Meridian connects with hybrid cloud APIs enabling its data ingestion, mapping, troubleshooting and analytics to run across both on-prem and hybrid deployments. For example, it shows the virtual landscape of applications distributed between on-prem and AWS or Azure.

Meridian Answers

  • What is the historic utilization of resources for each of my in-house applications to help decide which workloads to move?
  • Which of my applications is running between on-prem and hybrid
  • What is the health and performance of the VMs I’m consuming in the hybrid
  • What is the utilization of my hybrid cloud resources –ie. Am I getting my money’s worth?