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Meet Compliance and Reduce Risk at Global Level

Global Views

Meridian provides dynamic visibility into the global inventory and topology for each data center enabling better compliance and risk avoidance at the whole data center level.

Dynamic Inventory

In the inventory view you get an up-to-date view of all application services and virtual and physical infrastructure resources.  Views can be filtered based on vendor, service type.  Faults and performance can be shown on top.  The system provides exportable files which can be used for compliance or other reporting purposes.

Data Center Topology

Meridian’s data center topology shows how physical and virtual resources are stitched together at the whole data center level so you can see dependencies across a wide expanse of infrastructure.  It overlays faults, alerts, performance and other contextual information on top so you can quickly identify which parts of the system need attention.

Meridian also provides a unique business centric view where you can see what resources each business application is consuming across the data center and the associated dependencies and risks for failures or changes in any one area.  For example you can map your supply chain application onto the data center view to see what VMs, hypervisors, servers, switches, load balancers and other entities are supporting that application.  This gives the operations team a powerful way to visualize how each business function is being supported at a global operations level.