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Targeted Resource Optimization

The Challenge

CIOs and their IT staff are under continual pressure to reduce spend while simultaneously supporting more dynamic Devops frameworks. In some cases they must support hundreds of geographically dispersed engineers working with thousands of VMs on shared infrastructure. More complex and transient workloads mean that VMs must be created, optimized and destroyed on a daily basis. With traditional techniques servers are running at only a small fraction of their capacity. The proliferation of virtual machines the problem shifts to the VM level with large numbers of misconfigured, under-utilized or abandoned VMs.

The Solution

Meridian provides powerful but easy to use analytics to support the continuous optimization of server and virtual machine resources being used by Devops teams.

Meridian provides visibility on who is using what. It provides mapping between VMs, hypervisor, users and sites. This minimizes the cycle time on new workload placement to satisfy requests from developers and engineers because you have a clear understanding of which VMs are available, less utilized.  It shows the utilization of all physical and virtual server resources in a format which enables quick decisions around which systems should be de-commissioned, consolidated or scaled out.

The Meridian dashboard provides simple user selected input parameters to optimize based on CPU, memory and disk utilization. This can be further tuned to show utilization over periods of days or weeks.  Once the user selects the appropriate parameters the system provides near instant read-out on the utilization levels using a visual “heat map”. The user can drill down to look at individual resource performance.

Meridian Answers

  • What is the utilization of my servers and VMs based on my performance criteria?
  • How can I get a list of which resources are under utilized and ripe for consolidation?
  • Which systems are over utilized and at risk of outage?