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Today, most enterprises run their business in virtualized infrastructure. Heterogeneous application workloads are distributed across VMs running in different physical servers virtualized by different hypervisor technologies such as VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer.

Virtualized environments are dynamic by nature, and therefore planning, operations and management can be challenging and risky without visibility into the virtualized application stack.

Lack of visualization negatively impacts these key operations:

  • Migration from legacy to virtualized infrastructure
  • Ability to effectively move workloads across distributed infrastructure
  • Applications troubleshooting
  • On-demand capacity planning
  • Ability to predict capacity needs, fault and performance degradation events

FixStream’s correlation, analytics and visualization platform provides a single-pane-of-glass view into enterprise virtualized environments to make the operations activities seamless, automated and reliable. It provides:

  • Auto-discovery of physical and virtual infrastructure and network components
  • Dynamic topology map that shows you how infrastructure entities are connected
  • Discovery of application services and flows to build the application dependency map
  • Performance Center with holistic performance behavior of virtualized entities along with Heatmap for workload placement and resource optimization
  • Reporting and data exploration capabilities for planning, migration and compliance activities
Do you have a way to create a detailed and accurate inventory of your dynamic, virtualized environment?

Auto-discovery of Virtualization Environment

  • Auto-discover hypervisors, VMs, virtual network via APIs provided by hypervisors such as VMware PYSPHERE, Xen.
  • Discovers application services such as O/S level processes, web server, application server, DB services hosted in the VMs
  • Delivers a dynamic end to end inventory with all servers, hypervisors, VMs within the virtualized environment with meaningful ways to query the data in the inventory
Can you automatically discover application services within VMs?

Application discovery and dependency mapping (iMAN)

  • Discovers application services and service flows within VMs and logically group them in context with business application
  • Application map, iMAN, correlates service flows to available network paths for each flow, storage map for VMs
  • The iMAN is overlaid with real-time operational data such as performance alerts (CPU, memory, disk, IO), service alerts, faults, tickets, log alerts etc.
  • iMAN provides application centric visibility within virtualized environment and significantly reduce MTTR for critical business problems
How can you improve the performance and resource utilization of your virtualized environment?

Performance Center and Resource Heatmap

  • Generate performance Heatmap of the VMs across the environment using aggregated usage data (CPU, Memory, Disk) based on a sliding scale of weights for CPU, memory and disk usage
  • Heatmap provides analytical visibility for resource re-alignment and optimization with visibility into the “over-allocated and under-utilized” and “under-allocated and over-utilized” scenarios
  • Performance Heatmap helps with optimal application workload placement by providing insight into available resources
How can you extend VMware vCenter to correlate its data with application information?

vCenter Visualization and application correlation

  • Enrich the data and widgets available in VMWare vCenter by grouping and correlation to context of application and device groups
  • FixStream vCenter dashboard is built via integrating with available vCenter APIs