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Flow2Path™ Analytics and Visualization

How Does Meridian Work?

Meridian is an agent-less architecture with two fundamental components, Data Collector Module (DCM) and Normalization Correlation Engine (NCE).

The DCM gathers all the structured and unstructured data on a cadence set by the operator. With this data, DCM tracks all the physical, virtual and logical inventories of infrastructure and application services. It filters and normalizes that data before sending it to the NCE.

The NCE is a cluster that correlates and analyzes data to create topology views, application dependency maps and operational overlays. This cluster allows horizontal scaling, based on the size of the data center, and volume of data, such as application flows, operational overlay and analytics.

Flow2Path™ Analytics

Flow2Path™ is the core engine of Meridian. It correlates millions of tiny inputs from applications and the infrastructure and builds dynamic views of each application and the application dependencies and the underlying infrastructure and application components.

Flow2Path™ identifies the specific the path of communication between application services and maps these complexities with a virtual overlay to physical underlay, completely automating and eliminating the manual cross-domain work involved in root cause analysis and opens up new planning capabilities.

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