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Monthly Archives : September 2015

Why I Joined FixStream

Prior to joining FixStream I spent thirteen years at the World’s largest service provider covering a wide range of topics from developing the latest consumer triple play service offering to spearheading the IT Cloud transformation strategy to establishing corporate Big Data practices.  I always stayed close to the front lines and was often the technical go-to guy to identify root cause of critical chronic production problems.  I sometimes spent up to a month figuring out the root cause of specific application issues impacting critical business services. These experiences are instructive as we think about the role of the latest operational analytics in modern cloud data centers.

Why we Created FixStream

I’m excited, proud and I must admit a bit anxious in a good way to introduce FixStream Meridian(tm). I want to thank the hundreds of friends and experts who provided input over the last eighteen months.  It’s been an intense journey and we’ve received an incredible amount of thoughtful feedback and encouragement.  Let me share the inspiration for FixStream and what we hope to accomplish.

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