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Monthly Archives : October 2015

Aha! Visibility Opens the Flood Gate

At FixStream I spend 50% of my time talking with customers, finding out their needs and showing them what our Meridian platform can do for them. Typically, I talk with CIOs and the high-level decision makers within the IT domain. These are people who manage their infrastructure, their applications – the people who are responsible for the whole information aspect of their business.  In virtually every case there’s an “AHA!” moment when the customer sees the visual aspect of what we’re building – and I can see their whole perspective on IT management change. It’s as if someone just opened the flood gate. Most of them quickly say: “I want to try it!” or “I want to deploy it.”

There’s an outage. What are the business implications?
Dude You’re Getting an EMC

Who can forget the famous Dude I’m getting a Dell adverts .   Dell played a big roll making the world of computing hip and accessible to consumers and small businesses back in the 90’s.  But that was two decades ago.  So how can Dell possibly now be swallowing up EMC the World’s premier storage machine?  The sheer size of the gamble makes smoke come out of ones ears.  Is this just a crazy financial scheme from private equity guys gone mad?  Or is it a brilliant Machiavellian maneuver to re-position two aging powerhouses into the world of Cloud?  It seems improbable at so many levels…

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