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Monthly Archives : December 2018

Predict and Resolve Issues across Hybrid IT with AIOps

Virtual Systems require a new approach to IT Management

The need for business agility and 24×7 availability has driven IT systems to rapidly evolve, becoming more virtual, shared and dynamic. While this new virtualized, distributed approach to IT is optimal for digital business applications, it makes it harder to diagnose and resolve performance issues. When you have system components acting independently across siloes, Operations teams can struggle to monitor and analyze end-to-end system performance.

Without a clear view of the entire interconnected system environment and its various elements, your Operations team could be “flying blind”.  Just as air traffic controllers need the data provided by radar to safely navigate and direct various airplanes simultaneously, your IT team needs new tools that help them effectively identify, monitor and manage hybrid IT systems.

Improve the View with Auto Discovery and Application Mapping

Application performance can degrade for a multitude of reasons, along an entire path. Knowing the path traversed by each application is therefore critical to uncover outages. This requires a real-time, accurate auto-discovery process and application mapping.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) can help organizations achieve dynamic, real-time, accurate visibility across their hybrid IT environments. Using multi-layer correlation and predictive analytics across business KPI’s, application and infrastructure entities, AIOps can automate the discovery and mapping of critical business processes to application process flows, hosts, backend databases and infrastructure entities such as switches, routers and storage arrays. IT Leaders can visualize operations at a glance and application dependency details at every device level for operational or change management.

By automatically discovering and mapping your complex, multi-tier enterprise applications, you can always maintain an accurate and complete inventory of system components and application dependencies. For instance, Broadcom used AIOps to drastically increase the accuracy of their system components inventory. And, the information can be used to show the potential impact of system changes, ensuring that your transitions and migration plans don’t affect the performance of business-critical applications. Data center migrations can be completed up to 75% more quickly. (Watch this video illustrating the results achieved by Maxim Integrated)

Connecting the dots between business, application and infrastructure issues

IT teams face a daily deluge of data and alerts, making it difficult to discern which incidents need to be dealt with first. Operational data is typically siloed and decentralized, existing in disparate domains and stacks. IT team members often have to manually correlate and analyze thousands or millions of data points to resolve an issue.

Manual correlation is time-consuming and prone to error, and data – often repetitive and even irrelevant — quickly gets out-of-date. Analyzing and interpreting all that data into valuable, actionable insights can be a daunting, never-ending task.

Automated data correlation between business, application, and infrastructure would help, but often isn’t possible with outdated tools. If IT teams can’t analyze the data and isolate the problems quickly, organizations suffer system outages that last longer than necessary. This leads to dissatisfied customers, lost revenues, and unmet business needs.

Adding AIOps can deliver measurable value in key ITSM areas, such as ticket and event suppression and mean time to ticket resolution (MTTR). With AIOps, IT Operations can quickly identify and resolve system issues in minutes, not hours. As a result, your IT teams can become more productive, as they focus on projects that deliver business value versus chasing down noisy alerts. For instance, the City of Las Vegas uses AIOps to predict outages across any of their Oracle ERP applications, helping preserve their revenue flow.

Automated Anomaly Detection and Prediction Increases System Availability

Traditional tools are limited in their abilities because they provide domain-centric views without correlating events, thus impacting the visibility and the management of a hybrid cloud environment. During an IT incident, distributed applications make it difficult to track down where the problems are occurring.

Using machine learning techniques, AIOps correlates data about distributed applications and underlying infrastructure, making predictive analysis and efficient root cause analysis possible. The AIOps platform can learn and identify normal patterns of behavior for various system components and metrics. If the algorithms then detect anomalies, they can trigger alerts and actions by automation tools to identify and even fix basic problems. Over time, AIOps can use data patterns to predict potential incidents so they can be resolved before impacting system operations.

Achieve Proactive IT Management with AIOps

Traditional business models have been disrupted by digital transformation and new technology such as mobile and cloud. As enterprises launch more and more applications to support the user experience throughout the customer lifecycle, IT departments will struggle with infrastructure management and problem resolution.

AIOps solutions are expected to solve these challenges in a very elegant and effective way, revolutionizing IT Operations and accelerating digital transformation initiatives. Therefore, industry analysts are now predicting that the AIOps market will reach $11B by 2025.

FixStream AIOps brings together big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to transform IT operations. For instance, FixStream can predict outages with over 90% accuracy across very complex IT environments, reducing the noise by 40%. By providing a consolidated business-centric view of hybrid IT environments, FixStream AIOps solution helps IT teams proactively manage, plan, and troubleshoot revenue-impacting business-critical processes in real time.

For more information on how FixStream’s AIOps Platform can transform your IT operations, download our free book AIOps for Dummies.

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