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FixStream Enhances AIOps+ Platform for Autonomous IT Operations


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FixStream Enhances AIOps+ Platform for Autonomous IT Operations

Advanced AI, Multi-layer Correlation, and Seamless Integration with New Relic, ServiceNow and Cherwell To Redefine Service & Systems Management

SAN JOSE, CA —January 31, 2019 FixStream, a pioneer in AIOps+ solutions for Autonomous IT Operations, today introduced an advanced version of its product, the industry’s first AIOps+ platform to quickly detect, predict and resolve business issues across an enterprise’s entire hybrid IT environment. FixStream’s new 9.0 release offers advancements in event and ticket intelligence, correlation of business transactions and applications with infrastructure, and seamless integration for Cherwell and ServiceNow service management (ITSM) customers to better detect changes and patterns affecting application health, reduce noise, and decrease the time to troubleshoot issues. As a result, teams can resolve issues faster than ever before to increase revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.

“Unlike other AIOps tools that don’t correlate data across the stack, FixStream AIOps+ platform delivers superior prediction accuracy by creating a 100% accurate inventory, correlating millions of data points across all domains, and then applying powerful machine learning across the entire stack,” said FixStream’s founder and CEO Sameer Padhye. “With our AIOps+ platform, IT operations, application and business operations can predict outages with 90%+ probability, and achieve MTTR in minutes, not hours and days.”

New 9.0 features include:

  • Advanced event & ticket intelligence to reduce noise by 40%. FixStream’s new advanced AI capabilities offer operational noise detection and prediction through event suppression, ticket suppression and event clustering. IT can now reduce the number of tickets by 40% and reduce the MTTI significantly.
  • Multi-layer correlation – FixStream now offers out-of-the-box integration with Application Performance Management (APM) products like New Relic to correlate business transactions with applications and infrastructure. IT organizations can now leverage FixStream to correlate business transaction and application performance information from New Relic APM tool with infrastructure data, helping them to quickly detect issues impacting the application uptime, irrespective of where the problem originated.
  • Seamless integration with Cherwell and ServiceNow. FixStream now provides advanced CMDB/ITSM integration for better and faster detection, prediction and resolution of issues using the popular ServiceNow and Cherwell ITSM and CMDB platforms. Companies can now get more accurate inventory and automated CMDB updates to gain deep infrastructure visibility with reliable data. FixStream also offers change management integration and auto-ticketing features for ServiceNow customers.

About FixStream – Powering Digital Infrastructures that Always Work
FixStream has pioneered an Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) platform that provides the real-time insights a business needs to find and fix problems faster, speed up digital transformation and keep business applications always working. Its AIOps+ solution combines AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies so IT can provide the highest level of availability, reliability, and performance of business applications. Learn more at: http://fixstream.com, or connect with FixStream on LinkedIn and Twitter.

FixStream CTO to Speak at Upcoming Global AI Conference


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FixStream CTO to Speak at Upcoming Global AI Conference

CTO Bishnu Nayak to Discuss How AI Is Driving More Accurate Prediction of Business Incidents

SANTA CLARA, CA —January 23, 2019 FixStream, a pioneer in solutions for Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), today announced that Bishnu Nayak, FixStream’s CTO, will be speaking at the 3rd Annual Global Artificial Intelligence Conference being held January 23-25, 2019, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. The session will be examining the impact AIOps is having in predicting business incidents, especially in hybrid IT environments.

Taking place in Santa Clara, California, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference is the largest vendor agnostic conference in AI space, allowing practitioners to discuss AI through effective use of various techniques.

Title: AIOps Enables Prediction of Business Incidents

Who: Bishu Nayak, CTO, FixStream

When: January 25, 2019 at 5:30 – 6:00 pm PST

Where: Room 201

Presentation description: Enterprises running their digital business services in are challenged with getting the visibility and proactive insights they need into problem areas. With the dramatic increase in operational data volume and data sources in modern data centers and increasing complexity of hybrid heterogeneous IT environments, businesses are challenged with getting the visibility and data correlation they need to get proactive insights and quickly solve problems. This discussion will focus on how AIOps solution helps enterprises with prediction of critical business incidents thus improving service uptime, customer satisfaction and revenue growth using its auto-discovery, correlation, machine learning and AI techniques.

About FixStreamFixStream is the Artificial Intelligence company for IT Operations. With FixStream’s industry-first multi-layer correlation, visualization and prediction of business application issues across an enterprise’s entire hybrid IT stack, IT operations can now get real-time insights and powerful analytics to prevent outages and increase revenues. Visit us at: www.fixstream.com, or connect with FixStream on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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