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Accelerate Cloud Migrations with AIOps Auto Discovery

The proliferation of IT assets and data architectures that makes business digitization possible has led to unprecedented system change and complexity, creating a multi-layered, interconnected environment. These distributed hybrid IT infrastructures are too complex and opaque to manage manually or with traditional service management tools. Conventional technologies can’t effectively monitor fast-changing, multi-vendor, multi-technology ecosystems or keep track of all assets deployed across the environment.

Lack of insight into the underlying IT infrastructure across the multiple domains of your hybrid IT ecosystem hampers system diagnostics, troubleshooting and capacity planning. Without a complete updated inventory of IT assets, including containers and micro services, teams can’t identify or understand the relationships or interdependencies between applications, infrastructure and other datasets. And without a precise understanding of the existing IT landscape, it’s very difficult to execute a successful system upgrade or migration, whether on-premise or to the cloud.

Map Out the IT Infrastructure with AIOps Auto Discovery

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps), powered with machine learning technology, improves system visibility by identifying all applications and underlying infrastructure components. AIOps can codify an enterprise’s entire hybrid IT ecosystem and illustrate the interdependencies among IT entities, with zero blind spots.

Call out: AIOps auto discovery solutions can build a detailed topology map that visually displays every physical, virtual, and logical entity and the relationships between each one.

AIOps auto discovery solutions work by automatically collecting data across all infrastructure and application domains, providing an accurate, reliable master list of all your IT resources in the network, and the processes and dependencies associated with them. The data is collected from all types of disparate entities whether physical, virtual or logical, including servers, storage devices, virtual machines, and routers.

With AIOps auto discovery, you can maintain in real time an accurate and complete inventory of the assets across IT stacks and their relationships. Once completed, the topology map can clearly highlight those assets which may be outdated, underutilized, or noncompliant, aiding capacity planning and workload balancing for better system throughput. The resulting information can also serve as the foundational building block for other operations activities such as system diagnostics and root cause analysis.

Facilitating System Migrations with Auto Discovery

Moving your complex applications and infrastructure to the cloud can be a massive undertaking and requires careful preparation. AIOps auto discovery solutions can aid your migrations by revealing meaningful insight, such as service information and configuration data, from infrastructure and application entities. They determine the infrastructure foot-print of an application. This enables efficient migrations with minimum downtime as you can now create logical groups for migration, perform flow analysis and visualize the business impact of migrating them. Whether you are shifting on-premise applications to the cloud, upgrading or migrating to new on-premise technology, or dynamically managing resource allocations, these solutions ensure minimum disruption to business-as-usual.

Call Out: With accurate information on your application and IT infrastructure resources and their hierarchical relationships, you’ll be able to identify the dependencies you need to consider when adding new applications, planning future capacity, and migrations.

This ability to foresee the potential impact of system changes will enable your team to successfully plan migrations/upgrades so they don’t affect business-critical applications.

Bridging Legacy and Cloud Infrastructures with AIOps

With measurable benefits such as cost reduction, faster provisioning, and redundancy, businesses have strong motivation to migrate their legacy applications to cloud computing models. But managing a hybrid IT environment is complicated. The cloud has its own monitoring tools which don’t work with on-premise applications, and legacy tools can’t typically view or monitor cloud resources, which can leave IT staff in the dark.

An AIOps platform can seamlessly integrate with both on-premise and cloud computing services. Being able to auto-detect issues and monitor all IT assets, even if they cross cloud and on-premise boundaries, provides valuable visibility that expedites the cloud migration process. The visibility provided by AIOps auto discovery feature can even help identify which system applications or components should be migrated first, and if there are other parts that should be migrated at the same time. Also, businesses can optimize cloud usage and ensure cost-effective results by gaining a real-time view into resource utilization and workloads.

Auto Discovery for Modern IT Environments

FixStream AIOps’ agentless, smart auto-discovery can identify multi-domain and multi-layer physical/virtualized entities and can automatically identify their dependencies. Its topology mapping feature can highlight granular relationships between physical, virtual, and logical compute, storage, and network entities. This provides IT teams with an up-to-date, reliable inventory to serve as the building block for operations activities. Also, by feeding data on assets and relationships to legacy ITSM tools, FixStream’s AIOps auto discovery can even enhance existing ITSM capabilities to optimize business processes and reduce operational costs.

For more information, review our case study about Broadcom, a global semiconductor company using FixStream AIOps auto discovery to improve visibility across its worldwide data centers. You can also review our case study about how Maxim Integrated leveraged FixStream AIOps to efficiently migrate datacenters and reduce cost by 70%.

Resolve Acquires FixStream
Resolve Acquires FixStream for $24M USD to Deliver Game-Changing Combination of AIOps and Advanced Automation in a Unified Platform

Acquisition empowers agile IT operations with the ability to predict, diagnose, and automate resolution of complex infrastructure and application issues in seconds

IRVINE, Calif. — August 20, 2019 — Resolve Systems®, the leading IT automation and orchestration platform, today announced the acquisition of FixStream, a pioneer in AIOps. The acquisition, expected to close by the end of September, will enable Resolve to offer the most robust IT automation platform available on the market by combining artificial intelligence insights into dynamic, hybrid IT environments with powerful automation capabilities that are purpose-built for the complexity of modern enterprises.

The unified platform will handle a wide array of IT operations – from AI-driven infrastructure mapping, operational data correlation, and predictive analytics to intelligently automating cross-domain actions based on those findings. This will enable customers to significantly improve infrastructure performance, reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), increase IT operations efficiency, reduce alarm noise, and proactively and intelligently allocate resources for critical business services.

With 7x revenue growth over the last 24 months, FixStream is one of the fastest-growing AIOps platforms. Its proven solution provides automated dependency mapping that dynamically tracks the changing relationships between applications and underlying infrastructure to aid in quickly diagnosing the root cause of performance issues and outages. It also leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and contextualize large volumes of systems data, enabling the solution to detect patterns that predict future issues across the entire IT stack.

Ultimately, the long-term vision for the combined Resolve and FixStream solution is to aid customers in achieving the long-awaited promise of “self-healing IT.” Combining FixStream’s multi-layer visibility and predictive analytics with Resolve’s cross-domain, service-level automation capabilities will arm customers with an unparalleled ability to automatically predict, prevent, and fix issues autonomously. Leveraging dynamic dependency mapping and AI-driven insights to inform, auto-update, and trigger intelligent automations, Resolve will be able to deliver a closed-loop system of discovery, analysis, detection, prediction, and automation.

Acquiring FixStream enables Resolve to further tap into the market for AIOps solutions, which is seeing significant growth as IT teams cope with the conundrum of reducing IT costs while managing increasing complexity, including an exponential uptick in data volumes generated by IT infrastructure and applications. Gartner estimates the subsegment of the performance analysis market that includes AIOps, ITIM, and other monitoring tools will reach $5.7 billion in revenue worldwide by 2020.*

“We believe that FixStream’s AIOps and infrastructure mapping capabilities are a perfect marriage with Resolve’s enterprise automation platform, providing game-changing functionality that will enable customers to achieve unprecedented agility, speed and simplicity in IT operations,” said John Ferron, CEO of Resolve. “By combining our powerful, cross-domain automation with insights from FixStream’s artificial intelligence, we’ll be able to help IT teams accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

“Together, Resolve and FixStream offer IT organizations the complete automation platform they have been looking for. We’ve repeatedly heard the need for a solution that brings together best-in-class AIOps with proven, cross-domain automation capabilities and are thrilled to see this vision become reality,” said Sameer Padhye, CEO and founder of FixStream. “Beyond the synergies that exist within our products, we share the common goal of helping IT organizations address the challenges posed by modern IT infrastructure and improve service delivery.”

“Our research has shown that IT operations efficiency has become a critical priority for CIOs as their teams’ workloads continue to grow while staffing remains flat due to a shortage of skilled IT workers and shrinking budgets,” said Carl Lehmann, principal analyst at 451 Research. “Combining insights from artificial intelligence with automation technology enables enterprises to overcome these challenges and to manage the growing complexity of today’s hybrid IT environments, while moving closer to the long-term goal of self-healing IT.”

For more information about how Resolve and FixStream are revolutionizing IT automation, register for their upcoming webcast on Thursday, September 5th, or visit the Resolve website.

*Gartner, Forecast: Infrastructure Software Markets, Worldwide, 2017-2023, 2Q19 Update, Vanitha Dsilva, et al., 1 July 2019

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The ‘Google Maps’ of Hybrid IT Environments

Imagine you’ve flown into an unfamiliar city. You may have no idea how to get to your hotel or where to grab lunch. But no worries, right? You just open up your trusty Google Maps, and instantly you know where to go and what’s available along the way. Google Maps can even warn you about traffic conditions, so you can steer clear of trouble.

Now compare that situation to managing your hybrid IT environment. While cloud and virtualization technologies have done wonders to improve server utilization, curb IT costs, and support digital transformation, the downside is limited visibility across the entire interconnected IT stack – transactions, application, and infrastructure, physical and virtual. This low visibility into business transaction flows makes it tougher for IT operations to troubleshoot application and system performance issues. This can lead to disruption of key business processes.

Full Visibility of Your Entire IT Environment

But what if you had a Google Maps type solution for managing your end-to-end IT environment, that would display the full picture of your complex, dynamic hybrid stack in real time and automatically keep up with changes?

With a visual map of your entire environment, you could easily connect the millions of data points, identify the resources within your datacenter, their dependencies, the services that run on them, and all of your applications. And if the solution highlighted trouble spots – the way Google Maps highlights traffic jams — you could figure out what’s happening, decide what to do about it, and act quickly to resolve issues and ward off potential downtime. To go a step further, it would also be great if the solution could predict when the next issue would arise!

The ‘Google Maps’ of Virtual Landscapes

Well, such a solution exists, and it’s called AIOps+, an AI platform for IT operations that not only detects but predicts issues across the hybrid IT stack using machine learning and correlates as well as visualizes the outcome, by creating an application dependency map with an overlay.

According to FixStream CEO and founder Sameer Padhye, “Today most of the data centers are hybrid. Distributed applications and trends like Vmotion make it very difficult to locate the devices, identify application flows and troubleshoot issues. AIOps+ will dynamically discover, correlate and visualize these entities and flows.”

In the same way that Google Maps reveals the streets and points of interest within a city, AIOps+ visually displays the entire topology of public and/or private data centers, the devices within them (including network, storage, VM, and compute), and the applications they support. It also either collects the operational data from devices or combines the alerts, faults, logs, tickets, changes and other important information from other siloed tools for correlated visibility.

Faster Troubleshooting and Trend Spotting

The Google Maps resemblances don’t stop there. AIOps+ solutions highlight trouble spots with red dots similar to Google Maps’ real-time accident location feature. It alerts users when there is an issue the same way Google Maps notifies its users when an accident is reported.

AIOps+ provides the up-to-date information you need to recognize and proactively correct IT problems, including troublesome recurring issues or new issues that you can’t otherwise foresee. As a result of improved system availability and performance, your business will function more efficiently, and your IT staff can focus on more valuable activities than IT firefighting.

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