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FixStream is an emerging big data AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations) platform with correlation, visualization and analytics for hybrid IT that has allowed enterprises such as AirBus, BT, Orange and FirstAdvantage to accelerate the delivery of new digital services and save $100,000s by:

  1. Automating root cause analysis of business transactions and applications FixStream offers faster fault isolation thanks to its unique visualization of the health and performance of business processes and their associations with transactions, applications and infrastructure.
  2. Optimizing IT resources and reducing infrastructure cost
    FixStream generates heat maps and reports on how infrastructure resources are being used, thus providing meaningful information for consolidating resources.
  3. Reducing business risk with technology migration to hybrid cloud and containers Whether migrating part or an entire datacenter, FixStream automatically provides a real-time discovery and visualization of the datacenter infrastructure and applications to facilitate planning of resource migration and change management
  4. Reducing compliance risk and costs associated with audit and compliance reportsThanks to its big data architecture and data collection, FixStream allows generating several inventory reports for compliance reporting, either on inventory of IT resources or IT applications or business processes.

This is possible since FixStream:

  • Provides an integrated end-to-end view of business transactions flows correlated to application services and infrastructure entities
  • Correlates 100,000s data points per business application in real time
  • Provides auto-discovery and topology mapping of data center entities up to 2,000 within 3-4 hours
  • Enriches the value of existing IT (APM, ITSM, SIEM, ITOM)1 tools with open API connectors
  • Can be deployed in less than 1 hour

Thanks to this innovation FixStream has been named by Gartner a “Cool Vendor 2017” and has been chosen as a “2017 Red Herring Top 100 Winner”.

¹ITOM: IT Operations Management, APM: Application Performance Management, SIEM: Security Information and Event Management, ITSM: IT Service Management

FixStream is a multi-vendor, multi-domain platform providing visibility into multiple data centers and clouds.

FixStream can be deployed on-premises, in a public cloud or in hybrid configurations.

FixStream collects thousands of configuration and operational data that typically go unused in an application environment. FixStream auto-discovers multi-vendor, multi- domain physical, virtual and logical entities and produces a dynamic inventory, topology and application maps using Flow2PathTM technology. FixStream then overlays operational analytics such as faults, alerts, log events and tickets, providing comprehensive and contextual views to all users.

FixStream’s unique ability to integrate and correlate information in time-series data allows the operator to “go back in time” to better understand root causes and patterns leading to service issues. With FixStream, you can see the health of multiple data centers and hybrid cloud in one view, and drill down to details with a few clicks. FixStream correlates events across all domains and time in context of applications, enabling Rapid Root Cause AnalysisTM. Depending on the size of your environment, FixStream can minimize root cause analysis, compliance reporting and migration planning from weeks to minutes.


  1. Auto-discovers all your infrastructure, application services application flows, transactions and your ERP components
  2. Provides visibility into application services
  3. Maps application services to virtual and physical infrastructure entities
  4. Visualizes true end-to-end application flows overlaid over the infrastructure
  5. Produces correlated views of events – including event history
  6. Delivers a converged view of the health of your entire ERP Platform

FixStream offers several features:

  • Standard or Advanced option
  • Business Transaction Agents
  • Connectors

1. First, a customer must select the STANDARD or ADVANCED option.

2. Second, if a customer selected the Advanced option, they may select to install Business Transaction Agents on application servers for:

  • Auto-deployment of Business Transaction Agent for Java environments
  • Business transactions auto-discovery
  • End-to-end transaction mapping to infrastructure
  • Performance metrics (volume, response time & availability)
  • Event correlation for root cause analysis of business transactions

3. Third, a customer may select to install Connectors to closely integrate FixStream with their existing management tools. FixStream currently offers the following connectors:

FixStream provides dashboards for CIOs and VP Operations with a holistic view of their business processes to end-user transactions to applications, application services and infrastructure (compute, network, storage). FixStream is a big data platform capable of doing multi-level correlation across the entire technology stack.

For CIOs, FixStream provides business intelligence and health and performance summaries, including computed SLAs and predictive risk of the company business processes. This capability to visualize and drill down a business process environment at the business metrics level (how many invoices are stuck) to the transaction level (which transactions are slow or have errored out) to the application services health (Oracle database errors) to the infrastructure level (which server/VM is out of memory or which switch interface is down) is unique and valuable.

For VPs of Operations, FixStream provides additional operational intelligence from applications to infrastructure to assist Operations in quickly identifying failures and keeping applications running through top-down visualization and predictive analytics.

For IT practitioners, FixStream gives a way to quickly isolate performance and fault related issues starting from a higher business process or application perspective and drilling down into layers of the infrastructure. This can be accomplished in seconds, with just a few clicks, often reducing MTTR from hours or days to minutes.

FixStream encourages collaboration by providing teams with a common view of how applications and infrastructure are functioning together. This capability is provided with FixStream’s integrated maps of applications and infrastructure.

FixStream gathers data from across a wide range of application and infrastructure resources — basically every major compute, network, storage and application entity in the data center — and correlates all of it together to show the association between applications and infrastructure assets. FixStream is agentless and auto-detects entities without the need for operator input. In addition, FixStream can install a Business Transaction Agent to associate end-user business transactions with the applications that support them.

FixStream’s Flow2PathTM, a patented technology, discovers the application flows between servers and computes the real-time paths for each application flow across network and storage. In addition, FixStream business transaction agents provide visibility up to the end user transactions to associate them with the infrastructure.

FixStream publishes northbound and southbound REST APIs to share data with 3rd-party ITOM, ITSM, APM and SIEM tools. It also publishes APIs to export any of the data it collects over time so that users can leverage their own business intelligence tools to further analyze the data and present the data in their own dashboards such as Tableau, or to develop more complex analytics models.

FixStream supports bare metal and virtual environments for on-premises, hybrid and public cloud environments. FixStream can discover customer Azure and AWS resources and overlays faults and alerts for customer instances. In addition, FixStream provides a complete application map linking the on premises resources and public cloud resources for that application, thus greatly enhancing visualization and providing correlation and analytics across the entire hybrid cloud.

FixStream is licensed on a subscription basis. FixStream can be deployed on-premises to maximize the control and security of the enterprise and service provider customers. allowing the customer to access all updates and upgrades for free for the duration of the subscription. FixStream is also available as a SaaS service on public clouds.

Every IT organization uses at least 30 different silo’ed tools for monitoring applications, databases, servers, network and storage. These tools belong to the IT Operations Automation (ITOA) domain which includes IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Service Management (ITSM), Application Performance Management (APM) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Beyond ITOA, Gartner has defined a new domain called AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations) which corresponds best to FixStream capabilities. FixStream combines transactions, applications and infrastructure to build detailed operational maps for end-to-end hybrid IT environments, correlates and provides analytics to reduce MTTR, improve migration planning, optimize resources and easily generates audit and compliance reports.

FixStream considers existing ITOA tools as additional sources of health, performance, security and change management data to integrate through its existing connectors ecosystem.

An entity is any IP addressable unit such as a VM, a hypervisor, a storage controller, a switch, router, firewall or load balancer. Upon completion of its initial discovery, FixStream will automatically generate the types and number of entities in your data center and hybrid cloud.

The FixStream platform is architecturally secure by using various security standards and guidelines at each layer of the architecture for in-flight data and at-rest data. Data in motion is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption standards. ElasticSearch which is the primary source of data for FixStream is secured using ElasticSearch’s x-pack security framework.
Data stored in intermediate Kafka queues is AES-256 bit encrypted and sensitive data stored in ElasticSearch is AES 256 bit encrypted before storing in ElasticSearch. Access to the UI is secured via oAuth 2.0 AAA standards using certificate-based SSL/TLS encrypted HTTPS communication protocol.

Visit FixStream’s website at http://fixstream.com and contact FixStream to get a demo of the product.

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