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FixStream Brings Business, Operations, Applications and Infrastructure Together

Business Dashboard

FixStream provides dashboards targeted to specific users, such as business and operational leaders. The business view allows a user to rapidly analyze all business processes (such as Order to Cash and eCommerce) and their operational status, including the health of all transactions.

Operational Dashboard

The operational view, among many others, enables a user to visualize the operational summary at a glance, with health scores, Active faults, alerts, logs and tickets, Top 10, predictive volume capacity and a geographical map of all your datacenters. It can be customized through personalized widgets to visualize actionable events, network, compute and application services, overall health and predictive algorithms.

Application Dependency Maps

Displays the stitching of applications to infrastructure, including application flows, and virtual and physical compute, network, and storage locations, with an overlay of alerts and faults, pinpointing application-centric performance issues.

Business Hierarchy Customization

Group applications by business function so you can focus on monitoring the health and performance of applications in any tier of your business processes.

Application Discovery

Automatically discovers your complex, multi-tier enterprise applications, ensuring an always accurate and complete inventory of application dependencies. It can be used to show the potential impact of changes so that you can plan transitions and migrations that will not affect the performance of business critical applications.

 Topology View

Virtual, logical and physical topologies with fault, alert and performance overlays so you can view application dependencies and explore specific application performance issues.


Dynamic inventory of application services and virtual and physical infrastructure resources in each data center are auto-discovered within seconds, drastically reducing the time to prepare for compliance and migrations, from weeks to minutes.

Business Leaders Can Now Visualize….
  • All business processes and their operational status
  • All applications within each business process and which application is causing the performance issue for that process
  • The health of all transactions, including volume, response time and errors, within specific applications
  • The root cause of transaction performance issues from the services layer or infrastructure layer
  • The global health of data centers or hybrid cloud and the infrastructure within
  • Proof of control for various compliance requirements
Operational Leaders Can Now Visualize….
  • Dependency details at every device level for operational management or change management
  • Device login directly from the topology map
  • Group devices with certain objectives in mind, such as migration, monitoring, change management
  • Time series correlation of events between different domains
  • Dynamic inventory with logical and physical attributes
  • Operational overlay of all the data on topology or inventory
  • Dynamic topology maps
  • The capacity and utilization of assets
  • All dependencies needed for planning from new application launches, to migrations, to future capacity
  • Threat vectors for the entire environment, by application or device
  • Dependency details at every entity level

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