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Rahul Chugh

Chief Architect
Project Details

Rahul has worked on some of the biggest of Big Data challenges through his career and with almost all the key technologies including Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, Storm, ElasticSearch, Cassandra etc. He's also an expert in the area of UI based frameworks including Node.js, Twitter Bootstrap and D3.js along with being master of deployment strategies using Chef automation framework and Docker. Most recently he worked at Disney Interactive focusing on real time analytics for mobile apps and social games and helping the company make data driven decision for the applications in their portfolio.  He has completed his Google Cloud Platform Developer Certification and he is now a certified developer for GCP. He started his career at Yahoo! and received a number of patents for his work there and earned the prestigious award Yahoo! Ratna award for his work on the Advertising Data Processing pipeline Rahul has a number of patents received and in process from his work at Yahoo! and Disney. Rahul holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications from NIT Trichy.  He loves badminton and cricket as sports and plays on a regular basis.

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