Artificial Intelligence to Predict Custom Java Business Application Issues across Hybrid IT

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Artificial Intelligence to Predict Custom Java Business Application Issues across Hybrid IT

Enterprises need powerful full-stack analytics to manage business transactions’ KPIs and to guarantee business process SLAs. Without it, they will be forced to engage in extensive and complex trouble-shooting exercises to triangulate millions of data points. The time required to do so, can negatively impact the uptime and performance of key processes like eCommerce, Order-to-Cash, etc.

FixStream AIOps platform increases application uptime and performance via its full-stack business transactions monitoring. Through connectors to Application Performance Monitoring, FixStream provides auto-discovery of business transactions, and correlates it to application services and infrastructure, with an overlay of performance metrics.

Business and IT Operations KPI Dashboard

Java KPI Dashboard
  • Automated discovery and correlation of business process KPI issues with operational anomalies across all domains
  • Faster root cause identification of business application issues in minutes instead of hours
  • Performance monitoring and management of all business transactions
  • Transaction success and failure analysis
  • Response time analysis with customizable thresholds
Java Performance Management

Business Transaction Performance

Java transaction performance flow
  • Flow of business transactions across the application services layer
  • Latency for each hop of the transactions
  • Overall business transaction performance analysis

Business Transaction Failure Analysis

  • Insight into failed transactions
  • Ability to identify specific Java code in the JVM where the failure occurred, which can be passed to developers to fix.
Java Transaction Failure Monitoring

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