Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Migration to Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Migration to Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged technologies such as Nutanix have proved to be extremely successful to simplify data centers and increase their agility and scale, as demonstrated by their rapid adoption to deliver hybrid cloud solutions.

To ensure the successful adoption of such technologies and continuous operation thereafter, enterprises are looking for automated IT operation solutions with rich analytical capabilities that will give them business visibility and proactively identify performance bottlenecks across their complex data center and hybrid environment.

FixStream, the first big data analytics, correlation, and visualization Platform for Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure:

  • Auto-discovers the compute and storage components of the Nutanix cluster by using the available Nutanix APIs
  • Auto-discovers the non-Nutanix physical and virtual infrastructure components in a hybrid IT environment
  • Auto-discovers the application services deployed in Nutanix infrastructure and identifies the application flows in and out of Nutanix environment.
  • Provides an up-to-date inventory view to reflect the changes happening in the infrastructure stack in near real-time
  • Allows the user to dynamically create report to meet their day-to-day reporting and data analysis and compliance needs.

Do you have a way to maintain a real-time inventory of Nutanix and other infrastructure components?

Nutanix Inventory Process
  • Auto-discovers Nutanix cluster components – network, compute and storage
  • Discovers non- Nutanix physical and virtual infrastructure components
  • Delivers an aggregated, comprehensive and dynamic inventory view

Do you have visibility into critical applications running in Nutanix and their dependencies with the larger corporate network?

  • Auto-discovers business applications and correlates with infrastructure
  • Flow2Path maps application flows to available network paths
  • Storage Map shows VM-virtual disk – Storage Controller – Storage Pool mapping
  • Overlay of near real-time fault and performance alerts on the Map
Nutanix process flows Fixstream

Are you optimally allocating and utilizing your IT infrastructure resources?

  • Performance Heatmap shows utilization health score for each VM in Nutanix cluster
  • Analytical input for available resource based on memory, disk and CPU criteria
  • Time-series CPU, memory and disk utilization chart per VM

Have you automated IT compliance and auditing tasks?

  • Dynamic reports based on user requirements
  • Fully automated IT compliance and reporting
  • Reports are saved and re-run with dynamic dataset
  • Manage cost and vendor engagement , reduce FTEs
Nutanix Audit Process

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