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Accelerate technology migration
to hybrid cloud and containers

To increase their competitiveness, enterprises embark upon different types of technology migrations. Below are the typical examples:

  • Data center expansion – to increase data center capacity
  • Data center consolidation – e.g. following an acquisition
  • Increase business continuity – by moving the data center to areas less prone to natural disasters
  • Reduce cost – by moving the data center to locations with lower operating cost
  • Increase performance – e.g. to reduce latency
  • Vendor migration – e.g. to migrate to a new class of servers
  • Platform migration – e.g. when migrating from Windows to Linux
  • Application/OS upgrade – e.g. to upgrade Oracle ERP from version 11 to 12
  • Increase agility – by moving workloads to AWS/Azure, or applications to containers/micro services

Traditional reporting tools are no longer suitable to keep up with the pace, complexity and urgency required by today’s technology migration needs. FixStream reduces the risk and accelerates technology migrations by providing:

  • Auto-discovery of current inventory
  • Datacenter topology
  • Auto-discovery of server flow data
  • Automated application mapping
  • One-touch performance analytics
  • Detailed reporting
Auto-discovery automates the process to identify what devices to move and those that have already been migrated
Auto-discovery of current and new inventory
  • To start the migration process, the IT team uses the auto-discovery capability to create a detailed baseline of the current environment, visualizing all the devices in the current inventory
  • As devices are migrated to the new data center, the auto-discovery capability will identify them automatically
  • The inventory data includes:
    • IP Address
    • Device type/sub-type
    • Vendor
    • Model
    • Platform
    • Their reachability
    • Etc.
  • You can use the hide feature to soft-delete assets from old data center inventory
Device grouping, Application Flow Mapping and Application Discovery capabilities enable you to rapidly identify logical groups, facilitating their migration
Planned, phased migration process
  • Migrations are typically performed over several weekends. To facilitate a phased move, we need to logically group devices and applications. This is tricky, given the often hidden dependencies between applications and infrastructure.
  • Device groups can be created dynamically based on a rich set of attributes and logical expressions.
  • The Application Flow Mapping and Application Discovery capabilities enable you to rapidly identify logical application groups, facilitating their migration.
  • Simply identify the starting point (say MySQL), and FixStream will automatically discover all instances of applications using that application service.
  • You only need to name the application group
Application flows and heat-maps allow you to optimize the new data center
Optimized Migration
  • Migrations provide a great opportunity to clean up legacy problems and increase the overall performance
  • For instance, you can decommission non-utilized resources and optimize underutilized ones
  • To do so, you can analyze the flow data and the server scores, decide what assets are not used and decommission them
  • With the performance heat-map, you can discover underutilized computing devices, identified by a low score
  • You can now merge some of these assets, and reduce the overall foot print after having reviewed the applications processes running on them
You can optimize performance, compliance and security by upgrading HW/SW/OS to the latest  version
Optimize Performance, Compliance and Security
  • Another opportunity during migration, is to bring all revisions of a particular application, server, operating system to the latest version
  • This will improve performance, increase compliance, and reduce potential security threats
  • Using data analytics, you can identify the impact of old, End-of-Lifed, and non supported versions and upgrade or decommission them as needed.

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