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Automated Application Discovery for Modern IT Operations

In virtualized or containerized hybrid IT environments, managing business applications can be challenging.  What virtual entities are these applications running on? Can we track the application flows across a hybrid cloud topology? Can we quickly determine if the problem is with the application or in the supporting infrastructure? These are key questions that application and business operations staff need to answer to effectively guarantee the uptime and performance of mission critical business processes.

To do so, these teams need to rely on smart application discovery capabilities that can keep up with the very dynamic nature of hybrid IT.

FixStream empowers application and business operations teams to automatically discover complex, distributed applications and map them to the infrastructure. This is done with:

  • Automated application flows discovery
  • Proprietary flow clustering algorithm that dynamically discovers groups
    of interconnected flows for a business application
  • End-to-end dynamic application to infrastructure mapping
  • Automated time-series correlation of all events across the full IT stack
Application Discovery Flow
  • Dynamic and automated discovery of application services within the hosts
  • Easy addition of the service discovery signature for custom application services
  • Flow detection techniques allow the discovery of the unique flows between the services
  • Presentation to the user of a suggested application, dynamically discovered via a proprietary flow clustering algorithm

Application Management

  • Manage the auto-discovered applications through individual performance dashboards
  • More complex applications groups or business processes can be created with a simple ‘drag and drop’ action
  • Operations teams can now manage all commercial-off-the-shelf and custom applications from a single pane of glass
Application Mangement
Application Infrastructure Mapping View
  • Breakthrough, patented Flow2Path™mapping of application services and flows to the infrastructure!
  • Application map visualizes faults, alerts, and tickets in your business application at the individual application flow
  • Automatically discovers the infrastructure topology as well as the flows that represent the entire business application
  • By applying the Fault or Alert overlay you can visualize the specific flows that are impacted by them
  • Determine the root cause behind application issues in a few clicks!
  • All alerts, faults and ticket information is time-series correlated across the entire IT stack!
  • By clicking on the DVR-like play button, you can play back all the events that occurred in this time period
  • The playback will highlight every status change so that you can identify the patterns behind the root causes
Time Series Event Correlation

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