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Agentless Infrastructure Auto-Discovery for Modern IT Operations

One of the key challenges IT organizations face is the complexity associated with discovering the disparate entities in hybrid IT environment. Environments are quickly changing as digital service deployments adopt newer technologies in the domains of virtualization, hybrid cloud, containers, micro services etc.

The traditional discovery tools and mechanisms provided by legacy ITOA vendors lack the agility, reliability and completeness in keeping up with the changes that take place across a multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology environment. Auto-discovery is becoming a fundamental requirement for today’s IT Operations because troubleshooting, capacity planning, maintenance and effective management are dependent on it.

FixStream provides smart, agent-less and scalable AIOps Infrastructure auto-discovery that:

  • Auto-discovers the network, compute and storage components without any agents!
  • Auto-discovers the physical and virtual infrastructure components in a hybrid IT environment
  • Auto-discovers large scale infrastructures at a rate of over 2000 entities every 30 minutes
  • Provides an up-to-date, near-real time inventory view
  • Allows the user to dynamically create report for data analysis and compliance needs
Agentless Auto Discovery
  • FixStream auto-discovery is completely agentless
  • The data is collected from physical and virtual compute, network and storage entities
  • The auto-discovery process needs only two inputs: the service accounts and the IP address range
  • The service accounts are credentials to access the various entities via SNMP, SSH, CDP/LLDP, WMI, and for AWS, Azure, etc.
  • The IP address range defines the boundary of the network we want to discover

Your Entire Infrastructure at your Fingertips

  • FixStream auto-discovery scans thru all the IP addresses in the range and identifies the vendor make/model of the device
  • The Inventory module allows you to view the details of the devices discovered across all your data-centers
  • You can probe into the details through various views such as IP Address View, Device View, Table View and Hide Devices
  • Inventory views can also be cut by business process, application, role and service, vendor, business group, and many other views
Fully visible infrastructure dashboard

Highly Scalable Architecture

Platform scalable architecture
  • FixStream scalable architecture allows IT to dynamically keep up with the volume, velocity and variety of data collection in hybrid IT
  • Data from various compute, network and storage vendor entities are collected using vendor specific syntax and normalized for FixStream standard data model
  • Data is processed and stored by device type and device sub-type along with the metadata, relationship and associated health and performance attributes
  • This diagram shows FixStream semantic data model using device types and device sub-type concept
  • You can perform data exploration for analysis by hierarchy, composition and many-to-many relationships
  • You can visualize the hierarchical relationships and dependencies between different attributes in the system
  • For instance, what platforms and vendors are currently used to deploy your applications?
  • The analytics module will help answer key questions, such as: Do we need to retire some older versions? Are we out of maintenance? Are we in danger of a security breach?
Auto Discovery Powerful Data Exploration

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