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IT Infrastructure Insights for Modern IT Operations

The dynamic and increasingly complex nature of hybrid IT makes it difficult to operate it efficiently.

Do we know the relationships between all the entities (CI)? Can we quickly identify the root cause of complex business impacting issues? Are our IT assets properly utilized?

Big data is no longer enough – IT operations needs to gain deep insights into their distributed multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology IT infrastructure in order to meet their challenging business objectives. And data correlation is critical.

FixStream enable IT Operations to gain powerful infrastructure insights via:

  • Automated infrastructure topology map across hybrid IT
  • Multi-vendor, multi-domain correlation
  • Auto-overlay of fault, performance alerts and tickets on the topology
  • Event and performance center for capacity planning, network and storage monitoring, and change management
  • Single-pane-of-glass operational dashboard
Infrastructure Topology Analytics
  • Powerful Topology Analytics creates an intuitive topology map to display all auto-discovered physical, virtual and logical compute, network and storage entities
  • The map shows all physical and virtual connections between devices, and each device
  • Intuitive search and filtering capabilities to pin-point specific devices
  • Automatic root cause identification through the overlay of real-time faults, alerts, logs and tickets
  • Analyze the performance of the entire infrastructure, as a whole
  • The performance heat-map provides a detailed and aggregated view of all devices via a composite score of CPU, memory and disk utilization
  • If we select the 20th percentile tile, it will display all devices which score is in that range
  • Optimize workload placement
Infrastructure Performance Optimization

Event Center

Event Center View
  • Centralized operations center for all alerts, faults, log events, tickets
  • All events are categorized by criticality: critical, major, minor, informational
  • De-dup is done to remove duplicate events coming from different sources
  • Tickets are created automatically based on severity

Single-Pane-of-Glass Operational View

  • Fully customized view of the key operational metrics to monitor in real-time
  • To optimize your infrastructure, start by analyzing the CPU, memory and disk utilization of the top N devices
  • The Top N device view by disk pinpoints the storage devices that are at/near capacity and require immediate attention
FixStream Operational View

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